What do you want to know:

Are your silk scarves sustainably produced?

Our silk scarves have the OEKO - TEX ® certificate. It was particularly important to us to utilize the best possible standards and to produce our cloths in Europe. We can say with a clear conscience that we have made everything possible here and will always continue to fulfill and optimize this in the future if the market allows it.

Why silk scarves?

Our silk scarves are all-season all-rounders. And should stand in complete contrast to fast fashion. SLOW Fashion is the future. A companion for every day. Whether as a headscarf against the sun and wind, as a bustier under a blazer, as a scarf on cold days or as a stole over the shoulder... And in a quality that lasts a long time. We also think that the silk scarf market is often a little stuffy. It doesn't have cool motifs and often seems a little dusty. We want to counteract this.

How do I care for your silk scarves?

Dry cleaning is safest! However, if you do the laundry yourself, then be sure to note the following:

It is important to hand wash with a suitable cleaning agent. Place in a water bath around 30 degrees and gently swirl it back and forth. It is important that the silk cloth is dried flat after carefully wringing it out. Ideally on a towel. The result will be perfect if the cloth is carefully steamed after drying. This way you will have your dream piece for a long time.

How should I ideally store my silk scarf?

After wearing, place it folded in our LENIKAGANG shipping box - then the silk is protected.
The silk stays really good and wrinkle-free if you use tissue paper. Otherwise, simply lie in the closet with as little contact as possible with Velcro etc. Because silk is fine and soft like baby skin.

How often are there new designs for your cloth collection?

We try to launch new designs 3-4 times a year. If you have any wishes or suggestions, please write to us at hi@lenika.shop. We look forward to all your ideas.

How do I care for jewelry - gold & silver?

Handle our jewelry carefully. You can wear them in the water - but don't overdo it. Of course, the more lovingly you treat them, the longer they last. Polishing is always possible!
Do not use cleaning pastes with abrasive particles.

Is your jewelry waterproof?

We describe our jewelry very precisely. This is usually waterproof. Nevertheless, you will definitely have something of your jewelry for much longer if you treat it with care. The parts can be particularly easily cleaned and cared for using a jewelry cloth. Make sure that you do not use cleaning pastes with particles, as these can damage the alloy.

How do I care for your acrylic pieces?

Handle our jewelry carefully. You can wear them in the water - but don't overdo it. Of course, the more lovingly you treat them, the longer they last. Clean with a damp cloth, then acrylic stays beautiful and does not become matt.

How do I find the right ring size?

We have created a template for you so that you can find your correct ring size.
Print this out and use it to determine the right ring size for all your fingers.

Our rings are measured in diameter in the descriptions.
This therefore serves as a double trap net.

Why does your return cost something?

A return per se is not a good thing for our environment and we only want returns when they really have to. Ideally, you don't order dozens of sizes of an item only to end up returning almost everything, but instead manage to determine your selection so well in advance that you are completely happy with your new items. We will help you with any questions or styling tips. Please write to us at hi@lenika.shop and we will take care of your concerns. However, we only charge you a small proportion of the actual costs for processing the return and the corresponding costs. This pro rata cost amounts to 1.99 euros.

How do you choose the partner projects you support?

We approach this very carefully and see which project partners are suitable for us. It's great if you have partners from Hamburg so that a real relationship can be built. It's about a partnership based on trust. It is important to us that the money we donate is reinvested in truly meaningful work. We stand behind the projects of all our partners 100%.

How much support does the partner projects benefit from?

We give 5% of our annual turnover to our partner projects. Every year we decide how much goes to which of our current 3 partner projects.