Partner projects

Here we show you our selected projects to which we give a donation every year, divided equally.

  • Lenika Shop | Support your local girls: Dolle Deerns e. V.

    Accompanying girls* on their paths - that's what Dolle Deerns eV does!
    Promoting and strengthening girls* in their development - that's what they want! Focus on the needs and rights of girls* and women* - you can do that! THANKS.

    To Dolle Deerns eV 
  • Lenika Shop | Support your local girls: LAG Mädchenpolitik Hamburg e. V.

    The state working group is an association of specialists, providers, institutions, projects, as well as regional working groups and associations for working with girls and young women and was founded in 2001. THANKS.

    To the LAG Girls' Policy eV 
  • Lenika Shop | WAR Child

    No child belongs in war. Never! This is exactly what we can only support from the bottom of our hearts and say THANK YOU for this extraordinary work.

    To War Child Deutschland GmbH