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Bright green silk scarf "Selflovegang" made from oeko-tex®-certified silk

Bright green silk scarf "Selflovegang" made from oeko-tex®-certified silk

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Crisp green - the absolute trend color for 2022 (it will stay with us in 2023) - meets our credo of the hour in white: SELF LOVE! And that's exactly why we call to you: "Be part of the SELF LOVE GANG "!

Silk scarves - let's be honest - are simply stunning to wear. Unfortunately, the problem is often the terrible conditions surrounding the production of silk PLUS the often very bourgeois prints and colors that the market offers.

Lenika has made it her mission to lure the silk scarf out of the wrong corner and give the whole thing a big trend stamp.

And lo and behold: TADAAA - a pearl earring with a floral scarf becomes a statement silk scarf with mega colors of the highest quality. Our silk (100% pure twill silk) is OEKO-TEX® certified and has 14 momme.

We're a little proud.


100% silk, OEKO-TEX®, 14 momme



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Care instructions

Handle our silk scarves with care. Ideally, please wash them by hand in lukewarm water using a mild detergent for silk and wool. Let the cloth dry and steam it once dry. Then your cloth will be like new. Silk is a natural material - stains must be treated very carefully.

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